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Have you ever received a sign from the universe, a piece of divine guidance, or a seemingly commonplace message that helped  you steer your life in a better direction?

365 Soulful Messages:  The Right Guidance at the Right Time  is a collection of true stories from over 200 contributing authors with experiences ranging from the spiritual to the secular, from the subtle and nuanced to the dramatic and impossible to miss.

This book is written in the hopes that when someone picks it up, they can flip to any page and find a true-life story that will provide inspiration, insight, and encouragement to reflect upon the messages they have received in their own life.... and to be on the lookout for more!

What Others Are Saying


The Growing Soul

My Transformational Journey From Adversity to the Divine Within

The message that comes so beautifully in this book, is that there really are no mistakes.  It illustrates how our lives are meant for us to come into the circumstances that have the potential to open us in the deepest ways and the situations that are able to allow us to grow.
April Martino
Healing Practitioner
This book deserves a dozen more awards!  It is spectacular! The “higher consciousness” portions closing each chapter create incredible impact and make it easy for a reader to see beyond just the circumstances and follow your real path.   I am wowed!
Diane Floerchinger
Contributing Author to {An} Unsinkable Soul
This book is eminently readable – the pages seem to turn themselves.  The view from a higher consciousness at the end of each chapter is powerful and elevating and each step of the journey is riveting and profoundly touching.  What stands out and endures is an indelible love of God.  The pursuit of truth and divinity reminds me of the salmon who leaps and bounds upstream against the rapids, risking all to get to the goal and clinging to the absolute necessity of the mission.
“You shine like a star guiding us towards what is possible, regardless of the human circumstances.”
Sonya Shannon
Master Visionary Artist, Creator of the Transformation Oracle Deck and Guide Book



Extraordinary YOU

The Art of Living a Lusciously Spirited, Vibrant Life

Compiled by Vanessa Talbot, this is a book of eleven powerful voices all sharing the keys to unlocking an exceptional life.  Through their personal stories, you will discover the wisdom and experiences that will enable you to embrace a vision for your life that is greater than before.

“A true demonstration of the highest understanding of the Aquarian Age.  Together, these women offer us insight, wisdom and compassion for our personal journeys, inspiring us to be our best for the whole of humanity at this pivotal time in history.”
Spiritual Teacher and Author of Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection andHow to Read the Akashic Records: Accessing the Archive of the Soul and its Journey 
“There is valuable wisdom and authenticity in this empowering book, Extraordinary YOU.  This book is an asset to anyone interested in personal growth, self-exploration, and/or inspiration.  I also find the suggestions at the end of each chapter insightful and useful.  You will be giving yourself an amazing gift by reading Extraordinary YOU!”
Speaker and Author of Deeply We Are One and Contributing Author to Speaking Your Truth Vol I
“Extraordinary YOU is a sacred account of 11 great souls yearning to live the lives they were meant to live.  It is a testament to the resilience and awakening of the human spirit.  These stories of transformation offer guidance and inspiration, sure to illuminate the Divine in the life of readers.”
Healing Practitioner



Speaking Your Truth

Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women

Compiled by Lisa Shultz and Andrea Costantine, this is a book of 42 individual personal stories written by women for women.  These stories of Healing, Loss, Self-Discovery, Defining Moments and Relationships will uplift and inspire you.  This book will give you the courage to stand up and speak your own truth.

“Many women believe secrecy is the price they must pay for the past.  The authors of Speaking Your Truth decided that secrecy is a prison.  By airing out the skeletons in their closets, they discover how different the truth is from what they were told.  And they learn to love and value themselves – no matter what.”
Author of Streetwise Spirituality: 28 Days to Inner Fitness and Everyday Enlightenment
“Facing these challenges would be daunting and overwhelming for some people, but these women manage with courage and dignity and without glossing over the difficulties to take us with them on their journeys to personal triumph.  A very moving book!”
Betty Cannon
President of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute – Author of Sartre and Psychoanalysis
“Thomas Merton, the renowned author and Trappist monk, once said: “We make ourselves real by telling the truth.”  By this standard, this is a book chock full of real women and two-hundred proof truth.  Sip slowly and be amazed.”
Director of Looseleaf Hollow Retreat Centre – Author of Green Bamboo, Mala, Joe’s Place and Allowing

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