About Maria



My life has brought me to a place where I can say “I am a SAGE” which translates into Spiritual Awakening of Growth and Energy.   I have spent decades in self-exploration and immersing myself in the work of many Masters.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I am prepared to guide and direct you on your path to wholeness and well-being in your quest to live to your fullest potential.  My expertise comes from two main sources; namely my life experiences in transcending my own childhood trauma, and the many clients who have taught me much about the regeneration of the human spirit.

The Growing Soul” is a memoir that took me years to write.  Every time I thought I had reached the final chapter, I found there was just one more lesson to learn, one more area to explore. As each new revelation worked its way into my life, I came to realize that it was my desire to write that was pushing me to grow.  “Maybe growing is the whole purpose and I can give up this daunting task of actually writing a book,” I said to myself.  I tried to get rid of the idea of a book, but it just wouldn’t go away.  Then one day I realized if I ever wanted to move on to other things, I had to bring my story out into the world.


I am so honored to be chosen with 11 other visionary women

 on the Fall (11/1/19) 

Spirited Woman Top 12 Pick List!  

Go to: http://www.thespiritedwoman.com/  to learn more about each of these deeply inspiring and uplifting women.  

Thank you, Nancy Mills! 

The Spirited Woman 

“Trust your life to give you everything you need to be who you came here to be.  This requires letting go of the attachment to outcomes and allowing life to unfold.  

Know you are not alone and that there are no accidents, just lessons.” 

 Maria Russo, Extraordinary YOU



You will be guided to:

  • Awaken to the possibilities for growth
  • Identify your strengths
  • Develop your deepest spirituality
  • Create change
  • Increase coping and problem solving skills
  • Learn to live more fully in the present moment
  • Discover the innate goodness and beauty within you


To inspire you to awaken to the possibilities for growth in your own experience and to help you identify and develop the strengths that will carry you forward from “surviving to thriving” –  from victim consciousness to living a more victorious life.


People are not bad, just wounded.

As a result of the traumas suffered – often as children – we tend to react to life in unhealthy ways.  My intention in working with you is to help you find what is keeping you stuck and contributing to unhealthy choices often made from anger, depression, anxiety, unresolved grief or addictions to such things as drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, sex, and shopping.

We are Spiritual Beings here to live a human life, to gain deeper understanding of our worth.  There is nothing to find looking outside of ourselves.  Everything we need is within.  Our very souls are divine energy and there is nothing but pure goodness and beauty within each one of us.  Our true essence is already a magnificent 

Being of Light.

It is our life purpose to explore our painful experiences and integrate them into the healthier parts of ourselves so we can shift to who we really came here to be.

Non-judgment is paramount as we know that our past has formed our present and it is through our wounds that the Light gets in – bringing us great gifts.